Our Story

At Ecohunch baby, we like to keep things Simple and Safe in an ever changing world.

As a family owned and operated business, we are dedicated to providing your little ones with healthier, Safer sleep options whilst keeping you convenient in an evolving world. Our hope is that your Ecohunchbaby experience leaves you with peace of mind and the luxury of time and attention to learn while Parenting; the long-lasting impact of small choices that lead to big change.

Ecohunchbaby is a direct believer in sustainability and prides itself on being a zero waste company.

Our story begins with a couple of brothers who started a mattress store in 2015; at Guelph, Canada. After growing up working in their dad’s mattress factory founded on a “less is more” principle where better materials make better mattresses, the guys were determined to use their Engineering Knowledge to build multipurpose Cradles and Strollers that provide more convenience for Nursing Mothers.

Thousands of Cradles, Strollers and a band of kids later…here we are, now Online! With the help of direct customer feedback and a gifted team of passionate Mothers we have pledged to continue providing products that make raising your Little ones more convenient.